April 18, 2018

How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost in 2018?

Quite often here we receive emails from our website visitors about the cost of our social media services. About two weeks ago, I received this email from Carlos… The email…
June 17, 2017

Here Is Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Site

Google is yet again updating the way it values sites to offer better search results for mobile users. In summary, if your website is not performing on a mobile device,…
June 14, 2017

Google Analytics: 8 Basic Things To Know In Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free and fantastic analytics tool provided by Google to track and report web traffic. The amount of information provided by Google Analytics can be overwhelming…but don’t…
March 24, 2017

How These 5 Businesses Transformed Their Websites

Reality TV, including plastic surgery fixes and home makeover shows, is full of unbelievable transformations. The before-and-after comparisons really makes you wonder, ‘how can they do that? That’s incredible!’. These…
March 21, 2017

3 Simple Ways: How to Turn Facebook Fans Into Customers

Facebook is the most used online social media platform in the world today, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus. The Stats in February showed that Facebook reached more…
October 17, 2016

How To Automate And Improve Your Customer Service

According to a study conducted by Creative Strategies, 93% of customers indicated that quality customer service is vital to maintaining brand loyalty. The same study also tells us that companies…
June 16, 2015

35 Reasons Why a WordPress Website is better

Here are 35 reasons why WordPress websites are better than traditional websites for authors, speakers and business owners today in a very trying economy. Save Money – No longer do…